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Saturday, Dec 04
High: 51°   Low: 19°
Drizzle until evening.
Sunday, Dec 05
High: 40°   Low: 23°
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
Monday, Dec 06
High: 38°   Low: 20°
Snow (3–6 in.) starting in the afternoon.
Tuesday, Dec 07
High: 41°   Low: 18°
Foggy until morning, starting again in the evening.
Wednesday, Dec 08
High: 42°   Low: 17°
Snow (3–6 in.) throughout the day.
Thursday, Dec 09
High: 37°   Low: 12°
Snow (3–7 in.) in the morning.
Friday, Dec 10
High: 30°   Low: 5°
Foggy until afternoon, starting again overnight.
Saturday, Dec 11
High: 22°   Low: -14°
Foggy in the morning.