Experience Natural Splendor in the Grand Tetons

Things to Do in Grand Teton National Park

Dive into a thrilling outdoor adventure across Grand Teton National Park with a variety of exciting activities.

Home to a striking horizon of mountain peaks, reflective lakes, a variety of living creatures, and sprawling areas of greenery, the Grand Teton National Park is one of the most awe-inspiring spots in the country. Whether you’re looking for fun activities during warmer weather or seeking invigorating things to do during the winter, the Grand Teton offers an array of unforgettable things to do for all visitors.

If you’re landing in the Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) within the park, prepare yourself for an action-packed itinerary, featuring kayaking, horseback riding, wildlife viewing, and more. Operating for 24 hours on a daily basis, the Grand Tetons welcome each part of the year with fresh air, towering trees, and rumbling currents. Experience a sweeping adventure at the Grand Tetons, which is just a short drive from one of our lodgings.

A kayaker in a blue kayak paddles in Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park, with a line of evergreen trees on the horizon.

1. Journey Through Pristine Waters and Thrilling Currents

With available kayaking rentals from local outfitters, it’s easy to grab a paddle and travel across the stunning surface of Jenny Lake. Additional water-centered activities in the Grand Tetons include water skiing, wakeboarding, and boat touring. Snake River is one of the park’s most popular attractions, featuring activities such as whitewater rafting and family-friendly scenic floats.

2. Capture Breathtaking Photographs from Popular Vantage Points

Grand Teton National Park offers a variety of stunning locations which can be captured as striking pictures in your scrapbook. Make your way to a spot like Hidden Falls, which is a nearly five-mile trail from Jenny Lake that unveils 100 feet of cascading waterfalls in the middle of surrounding greenery. Nature lovers can continue to walk an additional half mile along the trail to Inspiration Point, which offers panoramic views of the Jackson Hole Valley, the Grand Tetons’ mountains, Jenny Lake, and Cascade Canyon. History buffs will enjoy visiting an area like Mormon Row, which reveals the old architecture of two abandoned barns and a homestead.

Landscape of the Grand Tetons Mountain range reflecting on the water in Jackson Hole WY

3. Embark on a Guided Tour Through the Park

Experience a wide assortment of guided tours at Grand Teton National Park, including sunset excursions, and dog sledding adventures. Sunset tours reveal some of the most gorgeous views of Grand Teton National Park, showering the environment in the golden hues of sunshine while providing informative details about local wildlife. Some tours may even include picnics in idyllic surroundings, as well as a journey in a custom car that has a roof hatch for one-of-a-kind viewing opportunities.

4. Cast a Line for Grand Teton-Based Fish

Plan for a day of fishing at Grand Teton National Park and be immersed in a tranquil environment with sun-soaked rays. Park goers with a Wyoming fishing license can cast a line into the clear blue waters of Jackson Lake and Snake River, discovering species such as brown, cutthroat, and lake trout.

5. Enjoy Horseback Riding Through Majestic Scenery

Horseback riding in the park feels like creating your own western movie moment in real life. Beginners are encouraged to take in the striking scenery of the Grand Tetons while riding through wildflower meadows and traveling along the glimmering waters of the park’s lakes. Traverse across creek crossings and routes that are covered with an array of vibrant flowers. Don your finest cowboy hat, climb on top of your horse, and explore the trails with a backdrop of colossal mountains.

The peaks of the Grand Teton mountain range in the distance, with a large field in the foreground.

6. Hike Through Winding Trails

Be immersed in the natural beauty of the Grand Tetons with plenty of trails for hikers of all levels. Take a three-mile leisurely hike through the Taggart Lake Trail, which is best suited for explorers who are looking for a slight elevation change. Located off Teton Park Road, Taggart Lake Trailhead starts with gorgeous meadows and forested areas, inevitably leading adventurers toward a crystal-clear lake with a mirror-like surface. Looking for more trails? Visitors often embark on popular routes such as the Static Peak Divide, Lake Solitude, and String Lake Loop.

7. Spot Local Wildlife and a Variety of Different Species

Uncover the diverse array of wildlife that’s nestled across the park, where bison graze among the tall grass and elks huddle close in their herds. It’s recommended to maintain an appropriate distance when watching wildlife, keeping a minimum of 100 yards from bears and wolves, and 25 yards from other animals. Explore an area like Oxbow Bend, which sets the scene for a variety of different species, including bald eagles, river otters, beavers, muskrats, and pelicans. An area like Timbered Island is a sanctuary for the pronghorn antelope, which are the quickest land mammals in the country.

A moose with antlers walks through tall grass and brush in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

8. Reach for the Peaks of Mountains

Mountain climbing in the Grand Tetons is a magnificent journey that inspires perseverance, resilience, and grand sights. While a climbing permit isn’t needed for mountaineering, explorers on overnight excursions are required to carry a backcountry camping permit which allows permission to bivouac or camp. The Grand Tetons feature a variety of terrain that’s perfect for beginner and advanced climbers alike. Guided itineraries are offered with a range of one- to four-day experiences, ensuring a comfortable and safe climbing trip for each participant.

Trees of golden autumn hues along the base of a mountain and in front of a body of water in Grand Teton National Park.

9. Journey Through a Picturesque Drive

Exploring the Grand Tetons behind a wheel? Driving through the park gives way to exceptional views of bucolic scenes. Watch gentle breezes sway a sea of wildflowers in a meadow, gentle laps of water glimmer across a lake, and sunshine cover the environment in a vivid brilliance. Swing by paved paths such as Moose-Wilson Road and Signal Mountain Summit Road for the seemingly endless surroundings of lush greenery.

10. Pedal Your Way Across the Park

Interconnected routes, fresh air, and impressive views of the mountain range are just some of the delightful experiences that you can encounter on a bike ride in the park. With varying levels of easy and hard bike trails, the Grand Tetons feature cycling fun for all ages. Rental services are available in the Jackson Hole area, offering models such as pathway, electric, and road bikes with attachable child trailers. Guided bike tours entail memorable rides to a classic spot like Jenny Lake while taking in the mountainous horizon. Self-guided cycling can be explored on the Grand Teton Pathway, which leads to areas such as the Blacktrail Butte and the Gros Ventre Roundabout.