Top Things to Do in Jackson Hole, WY

Embark on new adventures and discover exciting activities in Jackson Hole.

Hike through lush forests and find striking wildlife in their natural habitat. Dive into Jackson Hole’s artistic side with a trip to a museum and a live entertainment center. Sit on the edge of your seat, watching bull riders compete with gravity and force. Immerse yourself in the comforts of natural hot springs and enjoy breathtaking scenery on a rafting journey.

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly things to do or seeking to fill your itinerary for a romantic getaway, Jackson Hole offers top-rated experiences for all ages.

A body of water reflects a scene of trees with golden fall foliage at the base of a mountain in Jackson Hole, WY.

1. Visit National Parks

Experience awe-inspiring adventures and take in vast mountain views during guided tours, hiking through Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Dive into all-encompassing tours around the Grand Teton area, visiting Jenny Lake and Mormon Row. Find postcard-like views and lush greenery. Ascend through thickly covered evergreen woods and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Discover the history behind epic geological formations and wildlife during a tour at Yellowstone National Park, cultivating your knowledge about different species and capturing pictures of social media-worthy content.

2. Take a Horseback Riding Tour

Traverse across the Jackson Hole area on horseback, taking in picturesque scenes of rolling hills, wide mountain ranges, and sprawling fields. Wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy spotting different animals residing in the lush scenery. Ascend 100 feet into the mountain side with a friendly horse, exploring scenic trails. Journey through pioneering paths and explore kid-friendly options such as parent-lead pony riding.

3. Experience Fly Fishing

Catch a variety of fish and other river-life in areas such as the Snake River and Yellowstone National park. Find blue-ribbon, brown, and rainbow trout in the glimmering waters of Firehole River, Green River, and more. Discover guided fishing trips with half or full day options, revealing the vast landscapes of spots such as the Bridger-Teton National Forest and Lewis Lake.

4. Go Whitewater Rafting

Outdoor adventurers will be thrilled experiencing rafting sessions along the Snake River. Paddle with family and friends, taking in scenic views of the Teton, Snake, and Gros Ventre ranges. Discover regal bald eagles perching on trees along the river as you brace against the Lunch Counter and Big Kahuna waters. Take in mountains looking in the distance, sounds of fresh water lapping against your boat, and fresh air emanating from the woods. Make a splash through rapid currents with rafts that can hold eight to 16 people.

stone exterior of the National Museum of Wildlife Art built into the side of a mountain in Jackson Hole, WY

5. Peruse Through Museums

Explore captivating depictions of nature and wildlife, ranging from immersive paintings to life-sized sculptures of different species. Travel into the past, discovering animal art from thousands of years ago. Capture hyper-realistic scenes of nature and enthrall your pioneering imagination with paintings of North American wildlife. Explore archeological findings and mountaineering artifacts, unveiling the Jackson Hole’s diverse history.

6. Experience Wildlife Tours

Reconnect with nature surrounding yourself with striking mountainscapes and engage in observing wild species. Visit lands that are home to elk, wolves, bison, eagles, bighorn sheep, cutthroat trout, and more. Photographers will enjoy capturing epic views of vast greenery in the spring and summer, or a stunning snowscape in the winter. Peer at looming mountains that lie beyond an elk refuge and visit during the winter to see the herds, bringing a pair of binoculars for an up-close viewing.

white antler archway at town square in Downtown Jackson Hole, Wyoming with trees in the background

7. Picnic at the Jackson Town Square

Enter the heart of Jackson through arches that are made out of elk antler sheds. Officially called the George Washington Memorial Park, locals also refer to this space as the “town square” as it’s close to popular retail stores, restaurants, and art galleries. Find a spot among the grassy spaces and picnic with takeout from one of the nearby lunch spots. Marvel at a statue of popular mountain explorer John Colter, which is located in the middle of the park. Visiting in the summer? Enjoy a horse carriage ride around the park. This square also features an ice skating rink and a visit from Santa Claus during the winter months.

Cowboy riding bucking horse at the Jackson Hole Rodeo in Teton Village, Jackson Hole, WY

8. Dive into Bull-Riding Culture

Don your finest cowboy hat and enter the world of the Wild West, experiencing different kinds of bull riding at a rodeo. Embrace Jackson Hole cowboy traditions that were established over a century ago. Hear the roar of the crowd while watching bareback riding, barrel racing, and more. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling bronco riding outing or seeking a different way to enjoy a sports game, Jackson Hole offers authentic cowboy fun for all ages.

Man snowboarding down the mountain while kicking up snow powder at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

9. Hit the Slopes

Engage in unforgettable winter experiences, skiing down tall slopes and observing panoramic views of Jackson Hole’s mountain ranges. With hundreds of snowy trails, skiers and snowboarders of all levels will glide through thrilling courses. Discover an exciting feature like the longest ascent of a ski spot in the country, peaking at the top of Rendezvous Mountain. Feeling peckish? After descending steep slopes, take your dining experiences outside and peer into a seemingly limitless display of mountain peaks and descents that hang beneath an ethereal blue sky.

10. Shop at Local Businesses

Browse through an assortment of handcrafted goods, antiques, jewelry and more. Collect souvenirs and gifts that showcase Jackson Hole’s culture and traditions. Discover treasures and gems that will adorn the walls of your home and ceramics that complete your interior-decorating dreams. Stroll along West Deloney Avenue and spot a plethora of items made from talented artisans, ranging from leather crafted accessories to western-style clothing.

11. Relax at a Hot Springs Pool

Unwind around warm waters in the middle of a forest, immersing yourself in a tranquil atmosphere and gazing at a picturesque greenscape. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts will enjoy this post-workout ritual after completing an intense running or biking session. Release your daily worries while soaking in a natural hot springs bath and a man-made swimming pool. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy traveling through winding paths and discovering nature’s spa. Winter travelers can rent a snowmobile and take in the snowy scenery before warming up in the hot springs.

Group of cyclists on bicycles in Jackson Hole WY

12. Go Biking

Discover various mountain biking services and rentals offering tours throughout the seasons for all ages and levels, featuring excursions to the Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and the Jackson Hole Valley area. Experience a half day bike tour that reveals sweeping views of the Teton range while cycling along the Antelope Flats. Cyclists of all ages will enjoy exploring areas such as Jenny Lake, which unfolds into wide sagebrush fields and thick woods. Create lasting memories at the next family-friendly activity while biking through flat levels around Jackson Hole.

13. Explore Live Performances and Public Artworks

Be immersed in Jackson Hole’s thriving arts culture with more than two dozen galleries and an entertainment hub for live performances. Enjoy engaging concerts, plays, public art, and more. Experience rich acoustics while grooving to live music. Dive into the world of fine art with spacious displays revealing moving and innovative works. Stroll through Jackson Hole finding an array of public art that stands out from Jackson Hole’s mountainous backdrop.

Don’t miss participating in a variety of things to do in Jackson Hole, ranging from athletic to entertaining activities. Complete your itinerary with an array of exciting annual events for your next journey.