5 Reasons to visit Jackson Hole this Spring

Spring is the perfect season for a visit to Jackson Hole, WY.

Before the summer travel rush begins, April and May offer many unique seasonal highlights. We’ve laid out some of our favorite spring events and things to do for your next trip.

Before You Visit

The health and safety of our guests are of our utmost concern in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We ask that all visitors follow local safety regulations and contact individual businesses for the most up-to-date information on hours, restrictions, and guidelines.

1. View Wildflowers & Wildlife

Spring is the peak season for observing nature and spotting wildlife in Jackson Hole, especially as the young animals just born begin to get their bearings in the world. Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park are excellent spots to get a glimpse at elk, moose, bears, and so much more. If you are the type to birdwatch, Jackson Hole's parks offer incredible birding opportunities, so make sure to bring your binoculars! From Jackson Hole's national parks, visitors can also interact with the area's stunning wildflowers that bloom from May through September and add vibrant hues to the valley and gain views of the area’s scenic mountain terrain.

2. Biking & Hiking

As the weather warms up, get outside with a hike through one of Jackson Hole's national parks or take a bike ride through town. The roads to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National park are accessible beginning in mid-April through May, just in time for a late spring trip. You may also enjoy a bicycle ride from downtown Jackson toward Grand Teton National Park on the paved multi-use pathway, which provides miles of fantastic sights and connects with the Jenny Lake Scenic Loop, where you can continue your ride. Hiking in Jackson Hole opens up a world of panoramic views and a day of outdoor adventure, so get out there!

3. Go Fishing

Jackson Hole's springtime fishing is accessible to expert anglers, first-time fishers, and everybody in between. Head out on an exciting adventure when you go float fishing, wade through Jackson Hole's waters, join in on a guided fly fishing tour with an experienced professional, or spend your day fishing alone in the peace and quiet of the area's parks. Visitors can design their fishing excursion to match their personal skill set and goals and see breathtaking scenery and wildlife along the way. Please make sure to check local guidelines and secure a fishing permit before heading out!

4. Celebrate Spring Events

There’s so much to do during spring in Jackson Hole. In May, visitors can enjoy ElkFest, a weekend of fun activities, including the famous annual elk antler collection and subsequent auction. Then, over Memorial Day weekend, Jackson Hole celebrates Old West Days, a multi-day festival honoring western traditions and culture. Old West Days feature crafts, activities, food, music, and more.

5. Smaller Crowds & Bigger Savings

Visiting during springtime means fewer crowds so that you can experience Jackson Hole like a local. Enjoy a relaxed pace, less traffic, and a quieter atmosphere when you visit in the spring months. You’ll also discover end-of-season shopping deals at local outfitters and boutiques, where you can get high-quality goods at low prices. You can also save on your spring travel when you stay with Town Square Inns. Our properties are all conveniently located to Jackson’s downtown shopping, dining, and nightlife so that you can make the most out of your trip.

We can’t wait to see you this spring!