Spring in Jackson Hole

Seek new beginnings and adventures during spring in Jackson Hole.

Some might overlook the season of spring in Jackson Hole, claiming that winter skiing and snowshoeing transition swiftly into summer rafting and hiking. However, locals know that spring is a prominent part of the year here, offering unique activities and an exhilarating balance of warmer weather and shrunken crowds. As the local resorts finish their skiing seasons in April, discover how to best spend the fleeting springtime in Jackson Hole.

1. Skiing

Yes, skiing is mainly a winter activity, but there are still opportunities to partake throughout the spring. The thrill-seekers can venture off-trail to ski parts of the Tetons that typically aren’t accessible during winter, but just be careful of any mountain obstacles. The other unique aspect of spring skiing is the shift in snow conditions. Instead of fresh powder on the mountains, you’ll find firmly packed, icy snow in the morning, and then more softened snow as temperatures rise in the afternoon- this is known as corn snow. There are benefits to both, such as cross-country skiing along the frozen crust or downhill skiing on the corn snow.

2. Road Biking

An unfortunate truth of spring in Jackson Hole is that the beautiful biking trails are quite muddy as all the snow begins to melt. However, with obstacle comes opportunity- and that is opportunity is road biking! There is a brief period of time after the snowy roads of Grand Teton and Yellowstone are plowed but before they are open to motorized vehicles. This is the perfect time of year to ditch the biking trails, and hit the road on your bike to tour the spectacular scenery of the national parks, without worrying about cars. Check out Inner Loop Road in Grand Teton National Park for a great view of the mountains as you ride. Keep in mind that most park roads will reopen to motorized vehicles by May 1st, so watch out for Yellowstone and Grand Teton road updates.

3. Local Wildlife

If you’re looking to spot wildlife in Jackson Hole, visit the national parks in the spring. At this time of year, bears are coming out of hibernation and bison are particularly active in Yellowstone. Of course, it’s important to always remain a safe distance from these animals, but they are still a pleasure to see. You might also spot elk migrating away from the National Elk Refuge or a calving deer or moose. For the best chances of seeing wildlife, book a spring safari in Grand Teton National Park with a knowledgeable tour guide to lead the way.

4. Spring Events

With the spring season comes some exciting annual Jackson Hole events. Jackson Hole Rendezvous is a free 4-day music and lifestyle festival, with musical artists performing at various stages around town. The upcoming dates for this community event are March 26-29th, 2020. Another popular springtime event is Elkfest in May. This iconic event held at Town Square is a symbol of spring’s arrival, since this is when elk shed their antlers and migrate away from the National Elk Refuge. To celebrate, their antlers are harvested and auctioned off at Elkfest, and a portion of the proceeds goes towards the refuge. There is also a chili cook-off, a bow & arrow competition, and more. Just at the end of spring, during Memorial Day Weekend, the Old West Days celebration begins. This event highlights Jackson Hole’s history and culture through a rodeo, a parade through the town of Jackson, and plenty more western activities.

Spring is the season of fresh starts and new adventures, and Jackson Hole has plenty to offer the curious wanderer. Begin your spring adventure by booking a stay with one of the four Town Square Inns locations around Jackson Hole. See you in the spring!